SciGenesis' management team represents a successful collaboration of proven leaders from diverse technical and business backgrounds.  This unique combination of technical excellence and distinguished business leadership represents a wealth of talent to guide the company and ensure its continued growth.

Company Overview

Kelli possesses a proven track record of bringing new advanced materials to market. She is responsible for the development of marketing and business strategies for early stage technologies that have resulted in five startup companies; brand marketing and advertising; and negotiation of sales, research, and licensing contracts on behalf of clients totaling over $10 million.  Kelli’s persistence and energy makes challenging business deals possible. Her business experience also includes stints at Arkema, Inc. (formerly Atofina Chemicals, Inc.), Mississippi Polymer Institute and Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Kelli is responsible for maintaining SciGenesis operations including business management, finance, marketing,  partnering and commercial development.  Kelli Booth is a recipient of the prestigious Allan B. Black Award in recognition for the best paper on make-up technology presented at the 2011 SCC Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase.

Sam Lahasky
Project Manager
Kelli Booth
Paige Buchanan
Vice President

Dr. Buchanan is a physical organic/polymer chemist, specializing in the synthesis, derivatization, and incorporation of functional particles into polymer composites and specialty coatings.  She received her Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from Virginia Tech in 1998, where she developed expertise in probing reaction mechanisms using a variety of techniques.  After a post-doctorial position in polymer science, also at Virginia Tech, she joined a high-tech, small business entity specializing in advanced materials development for military applications.  Dr. Buchanan has 8 issued patents; authored 38 refereed publications; and is author/coauthor of over 100 presentations at local, national, and international forums. Dr. Buchanan has served as chair of the Mississippi Section of the American Chemical Society (2009 – 2011), and recently she received the “Chemist of the Year” (2013) award for her service and  contributions to her discipline. Buchanan co-founded SciGenesis, LLC, a university start-up MURA company and currently serves as the Vice President of Research.

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Dr. Lahasky has a versatile background in materials science that spans the fields of elastomeric compounds, polymerization kinetics and the synthesis of ‘smart’ bio-polymers. Having a unique combination of 4 years industrial experience in rubber adhesion and inorganic chemistry, coupled with an academic background in organic chemistry and novel polymer synthesis, Dr. Lahasky has a proven track record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals and has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the Dow Chemical’s Macromolecular Chemist of the Year award (2012).  After receiving his Ph.D in Chemistry from Louisiana State University, Samuel continued his studies as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Delaware’s College of Engineering.  Dr. Lahasky joined the SciGenesis team in 2013 as a lead scientist and program manager, and during this time he has made significant advances in building the current technology platforms.