Emulsion Chemistry

Large/Small Scale Batch Latex Emulsions

Equipped with small scale (50 mL) and large scale (2 L) emulsion apparatuses, colloidal stability can be quickly screened and scaled-up using SciGenesis' emulsion laboratory expertise.  Latex recipes are commonly screened for particle size, size distribution and film formation in a variety of industrial projects.

Thermal Barrier Testing Apparatus

Radiant Heat Flux

By controlling the heat flux through an external power source, the radiant heat through an object or material can be monitored using a variety of thermocouples.  Temporal experiments can easily be performed through integrated computing technologies.  SciGenesis consultants readily design custom testing strategies of thermal transport materials for commercial collaborators.

Thermal Testing

TGA Q5000 from TA Instruments

Degradation temperatures, combustion activation energies and other thermal properties can be quickly and accurately screened using SciGenesis' Q5000 TGA from TA instruments.  With the ability to monitor the thermal properties up to 1000oC, commercial resins, chemicals and other products are commonly investigated.

Uv-vis Analysis


With the capability to monitor absorbances in the wavelength range of 200-800 nm, concentrations, kinetic studies and standard curves are quickly and accurately measured using SciGenesis' UV-vis capabilities.  Integrated computing analysis affords accurate results for standard curves and kinetic modeling.