SciGenesis receives Allan B. Black Award at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Supplier’s Day

July 5, 2012

HATTIESBURG, MS – SciGenesis and its University of Southern Mississippi colleagues were recently honored with the Allan B. Black Award for the best paper on makeup technology presented by the Board of Directors of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. The paper titled “High Performance Color Cosmetic Coating
for Prevention of Skin Injury Due to Thermal Insult” was delivered at the Society’s annual meeting in December 2011 and reported on SciGenesis’ multi-year project funded by Natick Soldier Center to develop a face paint that will protect soldiers and first responders from thermal injury as a result of flash fires and IEDs.  

“SciGenesis is honored that cosmetic chemists value our contributions to the field,” said Paige Buchanan, Vice President of Technology for SciGenesis.  “Most cosmetics are focused on beautifying the wearer.  I guess ours is too, only as a preventive measure to keep the face safe in horrible heat conditions.”

“The technology is now in the process of scale-up and commercialization,” said Dr. Robert Lochhead, a SciGenesis collaborator from The University of Southern Mississippi and the presenter of the paper. “The Allan B. Black Award is not given every year – it is handed out only when there is a truly deserving recipient. We are elated that the Society of Cosmetic Chemists chose to honor us with this award.”


SciGenesis is a Mississippi University Research Authority (MURA) company commercializing proprietary technology licensed from the University of Southern Mississippi and Virginia Institute of Technology.  The company develops novel, high performance, stimuli-responsive coatings, films, and adhesives.

For more information contact Kelli Booth, VP of Marketing, at or 601.818.0612.

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